Patient testimonials


These are a hand full of testimonials chosen at random. I hope to update them from time to time. Feel free to email me your comments.
This is a new site and I will endeavour at some stage to paste some before and after photographs with the written permission of the patient.


Dear Carole

Thank you so much for the images. I now realise HOW much of an improvement the operation has been!!!!! I have had a lower face lift and eye lift procedure done this year by Mr Peart and am absolutely delighted. 

At the initial consultation, he listened to my concerns about not looking 'too tight' and losing the characteristics of my smiley eyes etc. His considered advise was honest and sensitive.

The recovery period did take longer than I expected, so I would advise anyone thinking about this to certainly have two weeks off work. Also, I would recommend that those people who will be looking after you are made aware of  HOW swollen and disfigured you will look immediately after the operation and for the first few days.This is a very frightening time as you can feel that you will never look normal again!

Carol Whateley was a life support these days after the operation, giving me practical advise and emotional support.

After three months I felt that the tightness had loosened, however then the next stage commenced.... twinges and tingling as the nerve endings start coming back to life! Which feels very strange! At this time, my face looked completely without wrinkles, which is something to be aware of as one's face has more 'dropping' to do yet...and some wrinkles DO come back! 

It is now six months after the operation and my face and eyes look fabulous! I feel so much more confident and NO ONE has guessed...everyone says how well I look. The character and personality of my face is still there, just a younger version!

I wholeheartedly thank and recommend Mr Peart as a Plastic Surgeon and would be pleased to speak with anyone who would like to hear of my experience, as I know what a big step it is to take!


Eyebags, rhinoplasty, chin implant

Carole my splint is off! ….Mr Peart is a genius I am so thrilled with my new face it has far exceeded my expectations.
I feel fantastic..thank you so much it was all so smooth and straight forward.

Thank you both!





I will say absolutely that I am delighted with the overall effect , I look loads and loads better and feel 100 times more ok with myself , I dare look in mirrors now!
So yes , I am overall happy but felt that I was left to sink or swim at home immediately after leaving the hospital but you were great Carole, always on the end of the phone and my first follow up appointment with Mr Peart was within 5 days of leaving hospital so I was able to tell him that I felt worried about the scars on my scalp! I just found it a bit daunting but he said it was all normal.





Dear Carole

'As someone who works within the NHS I very carefully considered all the
different options available to me when considering my Breast Reduction. 

However the high clinical standards offered by Francis Peart and the informed
support provided by Carole Whateley actually made my choice very easy.  

I know from my own professional and personal experience that anyone undergoing
surgery will inevitably feel anxious but I can honestly say that the quality of the care
that I received was second to none'

I am absolutely delighted with my result!





Hello Carole I would be more than delighted to recommend both you and Mr Peart . my procedure and the help that I received made the whole experience almost a pleasure..thank you Carole you have been very helpful and efficient. I cannot fault one thing including the hospital and the staff…people were very kind indeed. I am so well! Please tell Mr Peart thank you.




Dear Carole

Before meeting Mr Peart I had met several surgeons over the years both locally and in London, but never felt confident enough to go ahead with their recommendations.

Mr Peart was extremely straight and re-assuring, so much so that I went ahead with a face lift very soon after.

The care and encouragement I received from Mr Peart, Carole, Sally and the Nuffield Hospital was wonderful. I am absolutely delighted with the results and have received lots of compliments. I would recommend them to anyone.

Love KP



Carole I look and feel fantastic, it was expensive but worth it.

Thank you!



Carole I am thrilled with my new figure, the hospital care that I received was excellent, very informative, thank you for being on the end of the phone, It gave me confidence that things would all be o.k. You even got back to me on a weekend which was above and beyond my expectations. It really helped reassure me.

Miss N



Carole thank you for the photos I will have them on display at the salon! Yes I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Peart and his team, the difference is amazing!




Carole I look and feel amazing, I have hated my flabby tummy for years. Mr Peart told me that my skin might not spring back fully but it has. I appreciate the honesty and I can’t get over how good I look in my jeans! Mr Peart also gave me Breast implants 1 year ago and my breasts are so natural no one can tell! He is wonderful. Thank you .




Hello Carole, thank you for your enquiry and am delighted to recommend your facility.

I was concerned that my daughter make the right decision and be taken care of, I was very concerned. I felt confident with Mr Peart and the facilities of care at the Nuffield. I would of preferred her not to have an operation but she is over 20 and was determined. Every thing went very well indeed and I was so relieved.

Mrs S



Being a male with not much confidence or indeed hair I was very concerned about the thought of visible scars as a result of a face and eyebag operation.

I eventually went ahead based on Mr Peart’s reputation for male cosmetic work and .. I had heard that he had performed a face lift on males before so thought I would bite the bullet and trust him to do his job. I am pleased and to date no one has commented except to comment on how well I appear to be. Yes I do feel better! Thanks for your help.




Carole ,I was embarrassed about all of this but I feel good about my physical appearance since having the Liposuction to my chest.




Dear Carole!

I am still delighted to recommend You, Sally and Mr Peart and am fine thank you and the tingling in my scalp is finally going!Although I was thrilled with my face lift a few months later I needed a little adjustment by my ear. I would say to any one considering a face lift that you are on an insured price by the hospital. I have made many visits to the hospital and my adjustment and post operation visits were not charged for. One has to be realistic and apparantly it is not unusual to need some little adjustment and these are the things that one needs to consider when having cosmetic surgery. This has not been any trouble, and I am so glad I did not travel far to have this done. I would recommend Mr Peart as an excellent and caring surgeon. Thank you for your help. God bless!




I heard that Mr Peart was the best ‘nose man’ . I had lots of appointments with surgeons who did not know if they could give me the nose I wanted. Mr Peart was very honest and told me and did a drawing of the nose that he could give me. He told me that he had to go with my face proportions so that I didn’t look odd and have a characterless face. He also said that he could not just shrink a nose but had to do a remodelling.Because of his knowledge and the air of confidence about him I decided to have the operation. So I trusted him as it is years since wanting it done. I am glad you were firm with me Carole over not moving my splint as well, as I couldn’t wait as I was so worried. Thank you Mr Peart. It really is settling into the nose that you promised me. I would tell anyone to take the time to get the right surgeon like I did.



Thank you so so much my nose is amazing!!! I am very emotional about it. Mr Peart is a genious.BV



I wanted this so much and I have to say that I was very well cared for, the hospital was excellent and I found the experience to be a very positive one. I love my new look, I look younger than I did in my 40’s as I had a heavy face for my age. I am now 60 something and people cannot believe it. I am a very realistic person and quite tough , so I was up and about very soon. My euphoria soon outweighed any discomfort and I did not encounter any problems whatsoever. Mr Peart said it would take 6 months to settle down underneath the skin and the little lumps and bumps could be felt but not seen. Every body was so kind to me.

Thank You, Val



Mr Peart did my tummy tuck and i am now a more confident person. I was concerned as it is quite a big operation but the care that I received throughout was second to none.. I would recommend any one to use you and that they go to a proper hospital that is local as I needed to make several journies to get my scars checked. Thank you for your time and patience with all of my questions. My clothes look so much better and I now receive many nice comments. It has been worth it in the end, but as Mr Peart says you need to give up smoking as I did way before my operation. As an ex smoker it made my scar a bit slower to heal up, but with the care and patience it was fine.



All I can say is that now having normal breasts at long last has turned my life around. I was well cared for by everyone involved. Thank you Carole and Mr Peart.



I booked my operation at another hospital and was disgusted at the lack of care about me as a person. All they talked about was money and they did not offer to check me over before the operation. I was very nervous and unsure and was treated like I was a pest. This was a big deal for me and although I am not rich the money was secondry. I heard about you from Maggie and what a difference the hospital made. I asked to be shown around and was given a little tour and it made me feel safe. I had to fill in a health form and that made me feel that I was a person and not a money machine. My operation was absolutely fine and my breasts are fantastic, I keep on showing them to people as you can hardly see the scars around my nipples and it is only a couple of months. Mr Peart says I have good scarring skin and that the scars would be nearly invisible. I will tell every one about your service and to go for the right care.